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G. Rush- The thinking woman's crumpet

- aka 'its_a_GeoffreyRush_thing' on IMDb.

I'm a quirky, crazy gal from Australia who loves city life, films, shopping, comfort food, holidays and most of all...older men! I'm often told I have weird tastes to say the least!

I'm a massive fan of Geoffrey Rush- the best actor ever to grace the silver screen and the sexiest man alive. Long live Rushies!

I have a bitter and twisted sense of humour and I love to laugh, hang out, relax and have fun.

made by jurious

My idol and the love of my life...the dashing, gorgeous and talented Mr. Geoffrey Rush...

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made by laurageoffrush

Thank you Geoffrey for the Rushie card, you gem!-

made by robes_of_earth

Geoffrey Rush is Sir Francis Walsingham

made by peculiargroove

made by peculiargroove

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