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Hello, remember me?

haha, seems so weird to be posting on here but I just had to jump on here to thank you lovely girls Cate, Renee and Grace for your lovely Christmas cards!  How sweet are you!?  I was SO slack this year with all the craziness leading up to the end of the year that I didn't send any cards at all... *hits self*  I must be punished.  

Anyway, thank you very much ladies!  Very much appreciated and I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Christmas time.  :D  I also hope the New Year is treating you all well so far.

I will come on here again in a while when I have a bit more time to think and reflect and I shall post a proper update about what's been going on with me and such - I even have quite a few holiday/trip photos to post which some of you may be interested in if you love travel and seeing unique places as much as I do.  

But for now, I just had to thank you girls, mah Rushie mates, for thinking of me at the most special time of the year - don't ya just love the Chrissy spirit!?  I had such a lovely, peaceful Christmas and holidays and so I hope all of you did as well.  

Let me know how you spent your Christmas Day and/or holiday time and what you're up to for 2013... can you believe we made it to 2013!? - it was touch and go there for a while with the world ending and all!!!  haha, but we made it.  I even got to have my Birthday the day after the world ended!  Lucky me!  But seriously though, 2012 was a year of a heck of a lot of illness for me on and off, so I'm glad to be *almost* rid of that now for the most part (minus a few ongoing tonsil and sinus issues, shall we say, that it has left me with) and am looking forward to 2013 being a much healthier year in that regard.  

Also hope that I can keep up with the goings on in Rushieland aka The Madhouse that I have sorely missed whilst I've been a lot busier than past years.  I will include all of that in an upcoming update though.  I am planning on being much more involved this year... it better be one of my New Years Resolutions, dare I utter that... well, there we go, now I can't go back on it!  No doubt I have a great deal to catch up on.

Take care everyone :D  Hope you're all keeping well.  We've had rather the heatwave here over the past few weeks... staying under the AC as much as possible has been the name of the game for me.  Will be going to watch the Australian Open tennis in a couple of weeks so hoping for a bit of cooler weather coming up.  

P.S:  Who has seen Les Mis and loved it!?  Yeah, that's right, don't tell me unless you loved it!  lol.  & major lol @ Geoffrey pimping out far-superior-1998-non-singing-Javert in his interview on "The Project".  That made me chortle because I had actually just watched the 1998 version the night before seeing that interview.  Had to go back and watch the oldie-but-a-goodie version after seeing the flashy new musical.  Gotta love "our Hugh Jackman" in the new one though, what a performance!  Mind you, they could've used a bit of snarling, snappily hatted Geoffrey action in there... Geoffrey's Javert would beat out Russell's Javert any-frickin'-day thank ya kindly!  XD

Yes, I feel this picture is warranted... I'm sure nobody minds it ;D

Why hello there Javert... you're looking mighty cheerful today, cobber.
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