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At long last folks...

Eye Of The Storm is finally out on DVD here!  Not sure about everywhere else... but for my fellow Aussies both JB Hi-Fi and Sanity/HMV are stocking it (and a few of the online dvd stores as well)... not sure about the other retailers but I'll be getting my copy (Blu-Ray for sure on this one!) from Sanity 'cause I happen to have a gift card for there at the moment - never turn down the chance to get meh some free Geoffrey!  Blu-Ray Geoffrey at that... XD

P.S:  No spoilers thanks guys (how many of you have seen it?)... yuppers, I actually haven't seen it thanks to the abysmal Limited Release status that it got.  Shocking.  The Blu-Ray will make up for it - I think.  

Major YAY!!!
Tags: australia, charlotte rampling, dvd, eye of the storm, eye of the storm bluray, film, fred schepisi, geoffrey rush, jb hifi, judy davis, novel, patrick white, sanity, the eye of the storm movie
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