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Hi all!

Hope you're all getting into the swing of the new year.  

Must apologise for not getting around to sending out Chrissy cards this year - was away before and over Christmas on the cruise... however, I did get a chance to write a few quick postcards, so hope those of you whose address I had handy with me received it okay....


THANK YOU SO MUCH to you lovely folk who sent me Chrissy cards, that was very thoughtful.  Even a few that were sent to my old address and I somehow still received them!  Smart switched-on postie, perhaps.  

(p.s:  Cate, I hope you received my reply SMS thanking you too.  Cutest French Cavalier ever!  Ty so much :D)

I'm also just (finally) getting over the flu (the Summer flu has been going around this year more than ever before so I'm guessing that's what it was) or possibly a virus of some sort that I've had since the day after getting back from New Zealand.  

I'm only left with an annoying cough now.  I didn't even unpack my suitcase for over a week because I had zero energy to lift my arms or walk.  Glad that's over.  So much for getting my flu vac/shot in winter!  

Once I get a chance to sort through all my photos from the cruise, I will post a few on here to give you a bit of a glimpse of New Zealand.  

Take care all xxx

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