Geoffrey is a guest on 'The Project' in a few minutes!  Yay!  I only just saw the preview.

It's great to start seeing his face showing up in the papers too with The Book Thief coming out.  Loving it!

P.S: Again, I will post very soon explaining the reason for my disappearance from the internet.  Things going on in my life beyond my control and absolutely nothing to do with getting bored with you special people or fandom or anything like that.

Speaking of lovely people, a massive thank you for the Christmas card which I received just the other day from Renee! Thank you ever so much sweetie for thinking of me despite my absence from Rushdom lately.  Receiving that in the new year (thanks AusPost for not dealing properly with the holiday overload again!) definitely brought a smile to my face!  The aforementioned explanation will cover why I didn't get around to sending out my own usual Christmas cards.  :(

I will also have a few funny anecdotes, happenings, new social media announcements, update photos and such coming up...

Now, off to watch Geoffrey to cheer myself up!!!  Ya never fail at that, mah lovely!

xxx *mwah* rushysgirl
rush afi smile

Hello, remember me?

haha, seems so weird to be posting on here but I just had to jump on here to thank you lovely girls Cate, Renee and Grace for your lovely Christmas cards!  How sweet are you!?  I was SO slack this year with all the craziness leading up to the end of the year that I didn't send any cards at all... *hits self*  I must be punished.  

Anyway, thank you very much ladies!  Very much appreciated and I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Christmas time.  :D  I also hope the New Year is treating you all well so far.

I will come on here again in a while when I have a bit more time to think and reflect and I shall post a proper update about what's been going on with me and such - I even have quite a few holiday/trip photos to post which some of you may be interested in if you love travel and seeing unique places as much as I do.  

But for now, I just had to thank you girls, mah Rushie mates, for thinking of me at the most special time of the year - don't ya just love the Chrissy spirit!?  I had such a lovely, peaceful Christmas and holidays and so I hope all of you did as well.  

Let me know how you spent your Christmas Day and/or holiday time and what you're up to for 2013... can you believe we made it to 2013!? - it was touch and go there for a while with the world ending and all!!!  haha, but we made it.  I even got to have my Birthday the day after the world ended!  Lucky me!  But seriously though, 2012 was a year of a heck of a lot of illness for me on and off, so I'm glad to be *almost* rid of that now for the most part (minus a few ongoing tonsil and sinus issues, shall we say, that it has left me with) and am looking forward to 2013 being a much healthier year in that regard.  

Also hope that I can keep up with the goings on in Rushieland aka The Madhouse that I have sorely missed whilst I've been a lot busier than past years.  I will include all of that in an upcoming update though.  I am planning on being much more involved this year... it better be one of my New Years Resolutions, dare I utter that... well, there we go, now I can't go back on it!  No doubt I have a great deal to catch up on.

Take care everyone :D  Hope you're all keeping well.  We've had rather the heatwave here over the past few weeks... staying under the AC as much as possible has been the name of the game for me.  Will be going to watch the Australian Open tennis in a couple of weeks so hoping for a bit of cooler weather coming up.  

P.S:  Who has seen Les Mis and loved it!?  Yeah, that's right, don't tell me unless you loved it!  lol.  & major lol @ Geoffrey pimping out far-superior-1998-non-singing-Javert in his interview on "The Project".  That made me chortle because I had actually just watched the 1998 version the night before seeing that interview.  Had to go back and watch the oldie-but-a-goodie version after seeing the flashy new musical.  Gotta love "our Hugh Jackman" in the new one though, what a performance!  Mind you, they could've used a bit of snarling, snappily hatted Geoffrey action in there... Geoffrey's Javert would beat out Russell's Javert any-frickin'-day thank ya kindly!  XD

Yes, I feel this picture is warranted... I'm sure nobody minds it ;D

Why hello there Javert... you're looking mighty cheerful today, cobber.
Geoffrey Rush KEY

Harriet says Hi

My little Harriet's post-walkies snooze on my lap. She just loves to curl up on chilly evenings.

Isn't she an angel?... muddy paws and all!

Hope you're all having a nice day. Happy Weekend, fellow Rushies! Take care xxx

P.S: first post from the LiveJournal iPhone app, so yay for that! The old version used to crash constantly and was pretty much useless for images so here's hoping this new one works now.


At long last folks...

Eye Of The Storm is finally out on DVD here!  Not sure about everywhere else... but for my fellow Aussies both JB Hi-Fi and Sanity/HMV are stocking it (and a few of the online dvd stores as well)... not sure about the other retailers but I'll be getting my copy (Blu-Ray for sure on this one!) from Sanity 'cause I happen to have a gift card for there at the moment - never turn down the chance to get meh some free Geoffrey!  Blu-Ray Geoffrey at that... XD

P.S:  No spoilers thanks guys (how many of you have seen it?)... yuppers, I actually haven't seen it thanks to the abysmal Limited Release status that it got.  Shocking.  The Blu-Ray will make up for it - I think.  

Major YAY!!!

Birthday time!

Just jumping on here (long time, no see, I know!) to wish Cate (apple4b) a very special Happy Birthday! 

Hope you have a lovely day sweetie - hope you're celebrating in style :D

... and Happy Sunday to everyone else!

Definitely must make time to update this thing more often (need to post some holiday snaps and such)... I miss the lively LJ.  Now that my Macbook Pro battery/charger issues are fixed (for now at least... will have to replace the whole battery sooner or later though) I won't have an excuse.

Hope you Rushies are all sailing along well.  Take care ladies xxx

Some Downton fun

Take the Downton Abbey Personality Quiz to see which Downton character you are most like -

I got Bates!  lol.  hmm.  I do love him though.

John Bates

John Bates

You are John Bates, valet to Lord Grantham. You probably have a secret identity or are lying about your past to someone you care about, but at least you feel really bad about it. On the plus side, you’re loyal and hardworking, and you’d never rat anyone out to the boss, even when they really deserve it. Noble and a bit mysterious, you’re a genuinely decent person – and everyone’s wondering when you’re just going to tell that nice Anna girl how you feel.

cupcakes pink and blue

(no subject)

Hi all!

Hope you're all getting into the swing of the new year.  

Must apologise for not getting around to sending out Chrissy cards this year - was away before and over Christmas on the cruise... however, I did get a chance to write a few quick postcards, so hope those of you whose address I had handy with me received it okay....


THANK YOU SO MUCH to you lovely folk who sent me Chrissy cards, that was very thoughtful.  Even a few that were sent to my old address and I somehow still received them!  Smart switched-on postie, perhaps.  

(p.s:  Cate, I hope you received my reply SMS thanking you too.  Cutest French Cavalier ever!  Ty so much :D)

I'm also just (finally) getting over the flu (the Summer flu has been going around this year more than ever before so I'm guessing that's what it was) or possibly a virus of some sort that I've had since the day after getting back from New Zealand.  

I'm only left with an annoying cough now.  I didn't even unpack my suitcase for over a week because I had zero energy to lift my arms or walk.  Glad that's over.  So much for getting my flu vac/shot in winter!  

Once I get a chance to sort through all my photos from the cruise, I will post a few on here to give you a bit of a glimpse of New Zealand.  

Take care all xxx

DOWNTON ABBEY highclere castle exterior

summer holiday musings

Feel that Christmas spirit in the air yet folks?

It's gonna be a bit of a different Christmas for me this year.  I'll be having Christmas at sea!  Yep, not the traditional place to be on Christmas Day, but the 2 week cruise I'm going on with my family goes over Christmas Day (and my birthday for that matter) so it'll be kind of interesting to do something different as my extended family don't do the massive Christmas thing anymore... and we're not even that close with one side of the family/relatives (one of my Aunties/Uncle and one set of cousins I don't even really see anymore) and also some of my family live overseas... so... Christmas is not the huge affair that it used to be when I was younger.

Anyway, it's a Princess cruise, on the Dawn Princess, around... yes, I do mean around, New Zealand.  I can't wait to check out all the different cities... it docks at pretty much all the major cities, except Christchurch unfortunately, due to the damage to the pier from the earthquake. Would've been good to be able to go there but there's an alternative port that's not very far south of there that we get to go to instead.

Plus, the nice bonus is that it's usually quite a few degrees cooler in NZ than here, for obvious reasons, lol, particularly on the South Island, so that'll be nice... even though it's supposedly not even expected to be that hot here over Chrissy anyway.

So, I'll be leaving in a few days, from Port Melbourne.  Yayz!

We haven't even put up a Christmas tree this year! lol... we've only put up one strand of lights and some big light-up stars on one of the front windows. hehe, lame effort I know - but we won't even be here over Chrissy to enjoy it... but that's okay...

...coz me likez boats!  Boats are fun. XD  

Now all I need to do is check if there's any nice sturdy railings on the back of this thing and go hang around on 'em and wait for my very own Jack Dawson to show up.  hmmm...or not... that shit got messy!  XD 

Oh, and my new iPhone 4S finally arrived!  My trust old iPhone 3G was letting me down so it was time to finally upgrade - I waited a few models before getting a new one until they improved the camera and I was glad I did. The internet speed on the new one is actually usable as well and goes to show how slow the old one had gotten.

Never thought you'd actually be able to talk to your phone to set your alarm one day! Magic, I say... magic!

So, what are you guys doing for Christmas?  Let me know your plans.  Hope you all had a nice weekend too.


Well howdy all - remember me?

Howdy folks...

Well, guess I better update this journal sooner or later 'ey?

I've been slightly slack on the LJ front lately but I promise I'll keep up with it a little better going forward.  Forgive me?  Hope so.

Anyway, here's a few happy snaps - 

I got a new camera a while ago so I've been playing around with it a fair bit.... it's a digital SLR but it's what they call a 'bridge camera' so basically it's smaller than the regular bigger digital SLRs (but almost as much price-wise which is kinda weird, oh well, the lens is good and it still fits in my handbag so...!) it's just easier to carry around (as I'm not a photographer or anything I don't fancy lugging a massive, bulky backpack with me just to have a quality camera on hand) and it's also easier to use for those of us lacking in the serious photography knowledge department!  *raises hand*.  I did it in high school but never really took to it any more than just capturing cute things and preserving moments, I'll never be into the science of it or the technical side of it, it's just not my thing.  All I like is a camera that can take a decent shot for me.

I just like taking fun snaps without having to obsess too much over settings and such but it is nice to have this slightly bigger camera because the lens is better and wider angle of course than your everyday point-and-shoot digital cameras and it is also a 'super zoom' camera which I wanted because my previous camera had a crappy low amount of zoom and this one features 24X zoom which is beyond awesome to have!  I just love that.  

It's also got a pretty wicked range of settings and features on top of just your regular Auto mode.  I love using the Sunset feature; it makes the sky look breathtaking colour-wise!  I reckon these sunset snaps that I took off the balcony over the past few weeks look pretty cool...


Pretty, right?  The colours of the sunsets lately as the weather warms up have been ahh-mazing!

Um, what else?  Oh yes, I have to post some piccies of the choc chip cookie dough cupcakes that I made... I've made these so many times but this time I baked them in shiny purple cups and boy were they cute and yummy!... not to mention they reminded me of Cadbury chocolate blocks with the purple wrappers. 

Yes, they are *filled* with cookie dough.  It's unbelievably wickedly delish.  XD  Taken with my old camera but hopefully the deliciousness still comes across... then again, no image can do these babies justice. 

See, the pure yumminess of cookie dough filling!  *food.porn.drool*

Some more random piccies...

Have a great weekend everyone :D