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Geoffrey is a guest on 'The Project' in a few minutes!  Yay!  I only just saw the preview.

It's great to start seeing his face showing up in the papers too with The Book Thief coming out.  Loving it!

P.S: Again, I will post very soon explaining the reason for my disappearance from the internet.  Things going on in my life beyond my control and absolutely nothing to do with getting bored with you special people or fandom or anything like that.

Speaking of lovely people, a massive thank you for the Christmas card which I received just the other day from Renee! Thank you ever so much sweetie for thinking of me despite my absence from Rushdom lately.  Receiving that in the new year (thanks AusPost for not dealing properly with the holiday overload again!) definitely brought a smile to my face!  The aforementioned explanation will cover why I didn't get around to sending out my own usual Christmas cards.  :(

I will also have a few funny anecdotes, happenings, new social media announcements, update photos and such coming up...

Now, off to watch Geoffrey to cheer myself up!!!  Ya never fail at that, mah lovely!

xxx *mwah* rushysgirl


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Jan. 26th, 2014 03:02 pm (UTC)
You too :D Yep good to be back on LJ a bit more! All the best for you for this year as well.
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