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I'm back again.  Another long story short - I got really sick again.  :(  I've had a rough month.  After the infection that I had, I had to have a second course of antibiotics and this time it was penicillin - and bam - really long story short... I'm majorly allergic to penicillin!  

Go figure.  I had a similar allergic reaction that I experienced when I was given Maxolon/Reglan as part of the routine drugs given when I had my wisdom teeth removed, except this time it was a heck of a lot worse - body went into crazy anaphylactic shock and I spent one whole night wheezing and gasping for air with whole body muscle spasms and sweating/trembling/face felt as if it was burning off, literally etc, after being sent home from Emergency - obviously they thought it wasn't bad enough to help me (FUCKWITTS... if my Doctor grandfather was still alive he would have been furious but that's another story!)  

Then I got so weak I couldn't walk, I was vomiting every morning, crazy high fever, couldn't eat, couldn't even drink a sip of water, I was zoning in and out and nearly passed out on the couch... eventually my blood sugar got so low from not being able to eat anything and vomiting that I had a hypoglycemic episode - full body shakes, ice cold feet that I had to keep putting in a bowl of hot water every half hour, restless legs, couldn't shower or dress myself I was that weak, was so tired but my body kept waking me up every hour and I was shaking so hard I couldn't fall back to sleep... felt like I was dying basically... and it went on and on for a week or more...

... and all the while - my moron of a Doctor (just a GP - scoff... lol) said that it was just a bit of anxiety and tonsillitis... umm, I wasn't anxious about anything and there wasn't anything sore or wrong with my throat!... and whatd'ya know - I stopped the penicillin myself and finally after 3 mornings of trying and trying to keep down a bowl of cereal or porridge, it started going away... blood sugar slowly began to get back to normal and the vomiting stopped... after a week I was starting to recover gradually.  It was a slow process and I was scared as hell... and no one would listen to me, lucky my Mum was home and she had to hold me while my body was shaking, drenched in sweat for days on end with my throat was half closed over... she said she had to keep checking that I was breathing.  Yeh, um, a hospital would've been nice, fuckers XD... or at least a reassurance of some sort - or some glucose, I had no idea what to do or what was causing it to keep going on.  As my grandpa always said, there's no substitute for an experienced doctor.  

Anyway, I've been through hell.  I need a BIG break.  And a new doctor.  I'm sick of solving mysteries myself... I'm not a freaking doctor, you're meant to figure it out for me!  Wankers.  

... and I get to have one and luckily I'm well enough to actually go (I was doubtful for a while there... actually I had no idea how I was physically going to move let alone fly long-haul) because I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow (I'm gonna miss the final episode of Downton Abbey on Sunday night... nooooo!) with my family... we're doing one of those European river cruise and then on to Hong Kong.  I'll be away for almost a month.  

It's gonna be amazing to escape the awful rainy, cold weather we're having here at the moment,  Instant Summer!... although judging by the Tour de France and Olympics leadup coverage, it's not all that fantastic over there at the moment weather-wise.  Hope the rain clears up before we fly.

Love ya all.  Take care Rushies.  (& Cate, I'll be in your beautiful country but only in Paris, and for such a short time and it's with a tour group and on the way to the cruise so it's annoying that I can't be there for a long time and I could have visited you :(  I'll be taking many photos though.. and attempting a few French phrases of which I'll most likely muddle up and sound ridiculous.  p.s: have you been watching the Tour de France?  I have been staying up late a few nights to watch it, always think of you when the Tour time comes around... such beautiful countryside too).

Bye lovelies :D


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Jul. 23rd, 2012 05:33 pm (UTC)
That's awful - I'm so glad you're okay and have pulled through it. It's just really scary that the people who are meant to look after you, and make you well, seem to dismiss you and utterly misdiagnose everything - and not even listen to their patients, it would seem! So sorry it's been such a rough ride. *hugs*

Enjoy your cruising and holiday time - you seriously need it!
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